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We began year round pasture board this November 2017 with a limited number of horses. It was a great success! The horses loved it. We are now expanding this package to the public. They hay is unlimited and they receive grain twice a day. All water troughs are heated to ensure your horse is properly hydrated. The shelters are plentiful. Your horse will be turned out with compatible groups and have plenty of space to roam.

When a horse first arrives at our farm, they are always put on stall board for the first month. We are not comfortable having a new horse horse wandering paddocks they are not familiar with at night with horses they don't know and may not get along with.

During the first month, your horse is allowed to settle in and get comfortable with their new surroundings. It also gives us the opportunity to match them with a compatible group.

Please reference our boarding comparison chart, to view all services that are included in this package.

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