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Layups may be stressful on horse and owner. The definition of layup varies. We have some horses on layup who have already been medically treated and just need a a few months to a year to fully heal and relax. These horses are on either stall or pasture board.

This page is dedicated to those horses who need a little extra tlc when recovering from an injury. Our layup board is the same price as stall board ($550). It includes everything in our stall board package plus the following:

Medicating your horse

Hand Walking

Hand Grazing

Cold Hosing

Providing owners with updates

Schedule vet appointments

Act as the liason between our vets, the owners vets, and the farriers

Stall rest

Small paddocks

Indoor turnout

Elvie was with us for a few months on stall rest. She's back on Long Island now. Best girl ever!!!!

Echo is getting hand grazed.

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