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About our Equine Retirement and Layup Facility
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About Green Acres

Green Acres Retirement Farm specializes in the needs of retired horses and layups. We opened our doors in 2009 and have been thriving ever since. We are honored to call ourselves home to 50 retirees/layups. The horses love it and so do the owners.

Francis is enjoying the beautiful spring day!

What Separates Green Acres from Other Retirement and Layup Facilities?

Everything is done for the special needs of the animals. All horses are different from their personalities to their health and need to be treated accordingly. This is what makes Green Acres such a special place.

  • We are always readily accessible.  You can reach us anytime by phone, email, or text.
  • We understand that one feed type does not work for 30 retirees.  Therefore, we offer all Nutrena, Purina, Blue Seal, and Southern State feeds.  Additionally, many horses are supplemented with rice bran pellet, beet pulp mash, hay stretcher, alfalfa cubes, and canola oil.
  • All horses receive unlimited second cut hay.  They prefer it and it's softer.  This is particularly helpful for those horses with dental issues. 
  • All stalls are bedded with bagged shavings.  We do not buy shavings in bulk as we are aware that the dust can be an issue for many of our horses.
  • If you would like us to make shipping arrangements for you, we'd be happy to.  We have a relationship with an excellent shipper that was referred to us by Cornell.
  • There are no hidden charges.  Our prices are all inclusive. 
  • We have horses with cushings, soundness issues, dental issues, and are narcoleptic. We also have horses that are very young that are just on a break. There is no age requirement. Some horses are here forever and others just for a short time.  No matter what your situation is, there is always a place for you at Green Acres.
  • We take the time to find the right pasture and pasture mates for your horse.  Every horse is matched according to their personality.  Bullying does not occur in our paddocks. . 
  • We have dirt paddocks for those horses with cushings, we have paddocks with some grass, and we have paddocks that are very lush.  We  have designed it this way as we are aware that one size does not fit all.  Not every horse can be in a very lush paddock and then there are some horses who thrive in them. 
  • We have an indoor arena for turnout when the weather is poor. 
  • We have three different vets that we use depending on what your horse needs.  One we use for emergencies and two we use for soundness issues.  If you would like to choose someone different from the three we recommend, you are absolutely welcome to do so.
  • We use three different farriers as each has a different area of expertise.  Our farriers graduated from Cornell Farrier School and Heartland Horse Shoeing School.  Each of the farriers correspond with the vets when needed and read xrays.
  • We organize conference calls when necessary between the farriers, our vets, the owners vets from home, and the owners.
  • We are 100% dedicated to retirement and layups.
  • We have a special relationship with Cornell in case an emergency arises. 

Bug and Nickie have been with us for years. They thoroughly enjoy the fall weather!

Green Acres Retirement Farm

2230 Gridley Paige Rd., Deansboro, NY 13328

Phone: (914) 414-7872

Email: info@greenacresretirementfarm.com