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Horse Retirement Process and Transition
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Managing the Transition

At Green Acres we understand that the transition process to retirement can be stressful on both the horse and the owner.

What do we do to ensure the transition goes smoothly for the horse?

Upon arrival, all horses settle in their stall and are given plenty of hay and water.  For the first few weeks, they are placed in a paddock by themselves.  The paddock is close to the barn so we can keep an eye on them and make sure they are comfortable and not getting in trouble.  They can see horses in other pastures.  If your horse gets anxious being alone, we match them up with a mini.  Usually, this does the trick.  During this time, your horse truly gets to settle in and get comfortable with his or her new surroundings.  We also get the opportunity to get to know your horse and figure out who it may be compatible with in the paddocks.  Within the first month, your horse will be matched with a friend or two.  Once your horse finds the right friends, they will create a bond and stay with those friends for as long as they are with us.

What do we do to ensure the transition process goes well for the owner?

Communication is key.  At Green Acres we understand that your horse means the world to you.  We provide constant updates, especially during the first few weeks.  Some owners text us throughout the day when their horse first arrives.  There is no such thing as too much communication.   

Shipping is also a concern for many owners.  If you are looking for a shipper,  we have a working relationship with one who is excellent!  He was referred to us by Cornell.  His trailer is immaculate (he power washes and disinfects it after every trip), he is always on time, and he will provide you with pictures and updates along the way.  His prices are very reasonable as well.   

Honey arrived at our farm a few months ago. She is loving all the lush pastures.

What is needed before or upon your horse's arrival?

  • Negative Coggins
  • Health Certificate (if coming from out of state)
  • Executed copy of our boarding agreement
  • Vaccination Records
  • Date last time trimmed
  • Date last time given wormer
  • Waterproof sheet, mid-weight, and heavy blanket
  • Feed Schedule and a few days worth of their existing feed so we can slowly transition them to our feed upon arrival
  • First months board
  • Meds or supplements (if applicable)

Green Acres Retirement Farm

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